Vigilance and a helping hand at the polls

November 8, 2016

Today, CWA Next Gen members fanned out across the country to Get Out The Vote in one of the most important elections in decades. NAACP President Cornell William Brooks urged us to be vigilant, but we hoped the system would work in ALL our communities. When it didn’t work, we called on poll watchers, lawyers, and ordinary crusaders for voting rights and fairness to right the wrongs.


tony-barlowAntonio “Tony” Barlow, CWA Local 3204, shared an inspiring story from his time helping out at the polls today in Georgia. Ms. Jessie Mae Harris, who is 85 years old and blind, came to the polls with her son. Even though she is legally registered and had voted in 2012, she and her son were denied a ballot because they could not be found in the system.



ms-harris-and-sons-gotvThe Harris family left their polling place, but Tony and fellow CWA member Eric Richardson sought help from their Local. Ms. Rita Scott was able to find the voter registration information and print it out. Tony and Eric picked up the Harris family and took them to the polling place once again, presented the information, and smiled as Ms. Harris and her son got their ballots. Tony and Eric were happy that Ms. Harris had the energy to try once more!

“I’m proud to say they both voted. I couldn’t believe an 85-year-old was denied her right to vote, yet was still determined to come back.”