You Got Next in Camden

November 17, 2016

On Wednesday, more than 50 CWA members from Locals 1084, 1038, 1079, and 1014 got together in Camden, New Jersey to share food and fellowship and to talk about solidarity and leadership. Local 1014 President Karl Walko and Local 1084 …

Vigilance and a helping hand at the polls

November 8, 2016

Today, CWA Next Gen members fanned out across the country to Get Out The Vote in one of the most important elections in decades. NAACP President Cornell William Brooks urged us to be vigilant, but we hoped the system would …

GOTV by the Busload in PA

November 1, 2016

“The sense of urgency right now is strong. I think our people really understand why they need to be knocking on doors,” says Antoinette Miles of CWA New Jersey. Antoinette was one of the organizers of three busloads of activists …

Pride at Work in South Florida

October 10, 2016

In South Florida recently young members of CWA Local 3122 joined forces with members of AFSCME, AFGE, and other unions to create one of the newest chapters of the AFL-CIO’s Pride at Work (PAW).


Sparked by a desire to …

#StopTPP Day with a Thunderclap!

September 8, 2016

We have no time to waste now, brothers and sisters. It’s time to #StopTPP, so CWA Next Gen is joining the National Call-In Day on Wednesday, September 14.

The TPP is definitely not dead—in fact, President Obama and Congressional supporters …

Next Gen Activists Support Lakeland Ledger Workers

August 2, 2016

by Aaron Frechette, member TNG-CWA Local 31032

Delegates of the Communications Workers of America Next Generation Summit held in Detroit July 19-21 signaled their support for the newsroom staff of the Lakeland (Florida) Ledger, who have signed cards indicating their …

Summit 2016 Round-Up

July 22, 2016

The 2016 CWA Next Generation Summit is over, and although we know a lot of our members experienced frustrating delays, we hope everyone made it home safely at last.

We’ve got lots of photos up on Flickr, and we hope …

Summit 2016: Day 1

July 19, 2016

It’s been an amazing first day at the CWA Next Generation Summit 2016. Such an array of talented, engaged, and forward-thinking activists is a powerful sight to behold. Please check out our photos on Flickr and Facebook. We’ll have …