“Shoulder to Shoulder We Will Win.” Taking On Wall Street

May 25, 2016

Yesterday, “Take On Wall Street,” a powerful new coalition of progressive organizations, launched its nationwide call for action, declaring that it’s time to end Wall Street’s manipulation of our economy, our jobs, and our nation. President Chris Shelton is putting CWA squarely at the forefront of this fight.


Elizabeth Warren Standing beside CWA, AFT, and the AFL-CIO at the launch of the Take On Wall Street initiative, was the fearless and eloquent Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Senator Warren didn’t mince words, saying, “Let’s face it, this will not be an easy fight. But we didn’t take on this fight because it’s easy, we took on this fight because it’s right. . . and if we fight shoulder to shoulder we will win.”





Chris SheltonIn an article that appeared in the Huffington Post this morning, President Shelton said he believes this movement will be able to channel the anger so many millions of American feel and turn it into positive change. Working people across the political spectrum are fed up with Wall Street’s overwhelming power in the economy and in politics. Every day we see the system that’s rigged against ordinary working families, and  enough is enough. President Shelton explains how Wall Street’s power can be seen in the current Verizon strike and elsewhere:

In every round of negotiations, we go head-to-head not only with that company’s management but with Wall Street’s definition of success that drives corporate behavior.

Corporations like Verizon look to move jobs overseas and to low-wage contractors, slash health care, trash retirement security and make ever more demands for concessions, all to satisfy Wall Street. The result is the expanding impoverishment of the middle class that provides a short-term benefit for corporations like Verizon and big Wall Street players but crushes working families and communities.

We’re a broad coalition of voices  — workers, consumers, financial reformers, people of faith, elected officials who get it and many more — and we will lift up and mobilize Americans around our demand for a fair system and a fair economy.”

Democrats are coming together — regardless of the outcome of the primary elections — to unite around a tough, concrete agenda that will reform Wall Street and the financial system to increase fairness.


And already CWA members are participating in training sessions to learn more about the issues and to take that message to others in their communities. Our goal is to get as many of our members as possible trained and engaged, to build effective community coalitions and take our message to members of Congress and other officials.

We agree with Senator Warren and President Shelton. We can win this fight. If we fight shoulder to shoulder we will win. Close Wall Street Tax Loopholes here, and follow what’s happening with Take On Wall Street via the hashtag #TakeOnWallStreet on Facebook and Twitter.

Take on Wall Street