GOTV by the Busload in PA

November 1, 2016

“The sense of urgency right now is strong. I think our people really understand why they need to be knocking on doors,” says Antoinette Miles of CWA New Jersey. Antoinette was one of the organizers of three busloads of activists from New York and New Jersey who joined Chris Shelton in Pennsylvania last weekend in a massive GOTV push.




All the CWA members taking the ride west were public sector workers in state and local government who know what’s at stake in the battleground state. “Pennsylvania is a must-win for Hillary,” says Antoinette, “and it’s just as important to make sure the turnout is strong for the Senate and House races.” When activists spoke to people they discussed voting for pro-labor candidates up and down the ballot so that President Clinton will not face an obstructionist Congress. She can’t pass legislation that will improve the lives of working families without help from Congress.


This late in a very long election season, Antoinette was surprised at the warm reception the GOTV efforts got. “People weren’t tired of hearing about politics,” she says with a laugh. “The conversations were good and enthusiastic. Most people talked about the issues and said ‘You can count on us on election day.’ One gentleman said, ‘Don’t worry—my whole household will turn out and vote!’”

14600920_1376205302391507_2770215894677610584_nThere is a final push planned from the New Jersey and New York areas for the weekend before the election. If you’d like to get more information and join the effort, check out info here:

Get on the Bus for Hillary to Ohio, November 5-6

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