CWA Campaigns

Justice at T-Mobile

T-Mobile holds its workers, unions, and U.S. law in contempt. The company engages in widespread anti-union tactics and intimidates and humiliates workers. Its workers are now holding the company accountable and fighting for the right to organize.

For 15 years, …

Take on Wall Street

It’s not easy, but we’ve got to rein in the power of Wall Street and Big Banks. As Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren—and so many other progressive leaders—are showing us, the moment is now to take action. CWA is …

DTV4CWA: Organizing DirecTV/AT&T Workers

May 8, 2016

“We need CWA to represent us because we are playing with a new set of rules now. With an almost 70-year relationship, CWA is that consolidated workforce. They are our voice and AT&T’s conscience”

—Malena Ponder, DirecTV, Tulsa, OK

Our …

VZW Workers Rising

April 6, 2015

One of the most energetic and forward-moving campaigns in our CWA family involves the workers at Verizon Wireless. They are rising up in order to have a voice in retail, customer service, and network maintenance. Young workers’ voices are especially …

Collective Bargaining Rights and Organizing

July 4, 2014

Collective bargaining rights and the right to organize have been under corporate assualt for three decades.

CWA’s program to create good jobs is rooted in support for collective bargaining and the right to organize. Our goals are sustainable union jobs, …