VZW Workers Rising

April 6, 2015

13010864_714128122062734_6812309021678637664_nOne of the most energetic and forward-moving campaigns in our CWA family involves the workers at Verizon Wireless. They are rising up in order to have a voice in retail, customer service, and network maintenance. Young workers’ voices are especially important in the movement to gain more respect and better wages and benefits in the wireless industry.





In April 2016, 40,000 Verizon and Verizon Wireless workers went on strike against corporate greed, protesting management’s moves to gut job security, contract out more work, offshore jobs, and the corporation’s refusal to bargain improvements for Verizon Wireless retail workers! Get the Facts.





Colin-255x300Colin Hull, a young Verizon Wireless Sales Rep in Brooklyn, NY, explained that over seven years of working for the company, his workload kept increasing, but his pay did not. “I also came to realize that there was no opportunity for advancement. Even though I was producing so much for the company, I was not being given the respect or compensation that my work showed I deserved.”







The Brooklyn Verizon Wireless workers who joined CWA in 2014 tell their inspiring stories here:

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Brooklyn VZW workers send greeting to brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico.

Brooklyn VZW workers send greeting to brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico.