Justice at T-Mobile

May 11, 2016

t-mobile--justiceT-Mobile holds its workers, unions, and U.S. law in contempt. The company engages in widespread anti-union tactics and intimidates and humiliates workers. Its workers are now holding the company accountable and fighting for the right to organize.

For 15 years, the National Labor Relations Board has investigated and prosecuted complaints against T-Mobile for preventing workers from sharing information about their working conditions and engaging in union organizing.

T-Mobile workers have joined together as T-Mobile Workers United (TU) for many years, and in early 2016 they formed an organizing local with CWA. In response, the company created a copycat organization called T-Voice, with leaders handpicked by management.

Through Justice At T-Mobile, the workers are fighting back for a true voice in the workplace. Learn more about the battle at Justice At T-Mobile and T-Mobile Workers United. Then follow us on Facebook.

T-Mobile Workers United