Committee for Better Banks

May 10, 2016

CBB logo CWA Next Gen  is proud to support the Committee for Better Banks, a coalition of workers and consumer advocacy groups who want to improve conditions in the American banking industry.

Did you know that one-third of bank tellers receive public assistance? In an industry swimming in profits, workers deserve fair wages, solid career paths, and job security, just like anyone else.


12190936_422708154593223_6186968829287571411_nThe CBB supports a Bank Worker Bill of Rights that says those who serve the public in the banking industry should have a fair share of its billions of annual profits, should have stable, full-time employment, and should not be threatened with offshoring of jobs to the other side of the globe. As a result of CBB efforts, Bank of America has made some improvements for its workers, but this is just a beginning.

To find out more, check out the CBB FAQ, and to lend your support, follow @ForBetterBanks on Twitter and find them on Facebook.